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About the FIERGS System

It all started with the foundation of the Manufacturing Industry Center. The 1930 Revolution isolated the Rio Grande do Sul economy, with difficulties in supply of raw materials and distribution of products to other states. An organization was needed to join forces in defense the development of Rio Grande do Sul. ''Cinfa'' was created on November 7 1930, later acquiring its current name: The Center of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (CIERGS), which is an organization whose membership framework represents companies and the Associations, Centers and Chambers of Industry and Trade from all regions of the state.

The Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS) was founded seven years later, on August 14 1937, as an organization for representing business associations, led by the same management as Cinfa. At that time the Manufacturing Industry Center had 147 associated industries, and FIERGS represented 21 affiliated sectoral associations.

One year after the foundation of FIERGS, the Syndication Letter from the National Industrial Federation (CNI) was granted on September 29, 1938, bringing together the first organized Federations in Brazil, which were those in Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, The Federal District and Minas Gerais.

So FIERGS and CIERGS had a single path from the start, forming today the Industry System of Rio Grande do Sul, which, in addition to the two leading bodies, includes the Industry Social Service (Sesi/RS); the National Service for Industrial Learning (Senai/RS) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL/RS), whose activities can be seen by clicking in the respective windows at the top of the page.

FIERGS currently has 115 affiliated associations and CIERGS has more then 2,000 associates. They both have the same president, as a sign of their joint origins, and together they represent the 41,000 factories working in Rio Grande do Sul, which directly employ 600,000 people.