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Labor Relations and Social Welfare

The Board of Labor Relations and Social Welfare (Contrab) is an excellent forum in addressing labor relations, analyzing, advising and defending corporate interests in this area, providing support for Trade Associations and industrial activity to increase their national and international competitiveness and encourage social responsibility.  It strives for excellence in state industry and fulfilling its social responsibility, with a focus on protecting employees and developing industry by promoting a safe and healthy work environment and representing the interests and standing of the sector to improve labor relations. 

Its qualified and well developed structure make it a representative forum, responsible for dialogue with Industry Unions and an effective relationship with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and other Federations aimed at exchanging experience and joint action.


Technical Groups

Contrab has a technical team of specialists in labor relations capable of dealing with specific issues proactively and efficiently, organized into Technical Groups to optimize their performance. 


Technical Studies Group (GEST)

The GEST is made up of Labor Attorneys for companies and industry unions.  With a goal of advising and supporting Contrab in terms of legislation and labor relations, the GEST monitors the evolution of labor relations (analyzing legislative proposals and interpreting legislation put forward) and considers the need for political, institutional and legal initiatives, guidance and dissemination of information   


Work Environment Management Group (GEAT)

The GEAT is made up of occupational physicians, occupational safety engineers and other professionals specializing in Occupational Health and Safety – OHS. Its purpose is to monitor OHS issues, evaluating and interpreting the Regulatory Standards (RSs) of the Ministry for labor and Employment (MTE) and others norms pertaining to the workplace in order to formulate initiatives and projects to help industries in the identification and assessment of risks, accident prevention and improving quality of life at work.


Union Classification and Investiture Group (GEIS)

The GEIS is responsible for advising and providing guidance on issues involving union classification.  Its priority is to provide support, analysis and guidance while respecting the autonomy of union organizations. 

The GEIS is coordinated by the Coordinator of Contrab and will consist of a coordinator and five industrial members from different areas of economic activity, all linked to the Boards of FIERGS and CIERGS and invited by the coordinator to be part of the group, which will come together for each issue submitted.

The Classification Group is assisted by attorneys from the GEST and FIERGS System Legal Unit and received technical support from Contrab’s Executive Team.



Phone: +55 (51)3347.8871

Email: contrab@fiergs.org.br