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Social Responsibility and Citizenship

Food Bank

Companies in the food industry donate excess foodstuffs. All Porto Alegre’s healthcare institutions registered in the FIERGS Board of Citizenship database receive donations.   Distribution is carried out following strict priority planning.

President of the Bank: Paulo Renê Bernhard

Visit the Food Bank website: http://www.redebancodealimentos.org.br/Inicial


Computer Bank

The Computer Bank petitions companies to donate computer equipment.  Institutions located in areas of social risk that already have computer courses or an appropriate site and are looking to begin courses will be prioritized in the distribution of donated equipped, and the use of Senai teachers and methods.

President of the Bank: Gilberto Soares Machado

Visit the Computer Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/37/Banco-de-Livros/pt/Inicial


Catered Meals Bank

Collects excess meals from staff catering kitchens and delivers them to daycare centers, nursing homes and schools close to the donating company.

The company donates the excess food and the catering industry provides a nutritionist and supervises food safety.

President of the Bank: Hermes Gazzola

Visit the Catered Meals Bank: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/44/Banco-de-Refeicoes-Coletivas/pt/Inicial


Databank (Registry of Healthcare Institutions in Porto Alegre)

Surveys of different institutions are used to create software to be used by social banks, with detailed information on the institutions, their operation and functionality.  This tool is used for the Voluntary Sector.

President of the Bank: Antônio Parissi


Construction Materials Bank

Construction companies donate leftover construction materials to institutions of residents of communities.

The institutions keep a record of underprivileged families in their area and distribute the materials as they receive them from the Bank.

President of the Bank: Newton Quites

Visit the Construction Materials Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/40/Banco-de-Materiais-de-Construcao/pt/Inicial


Furniture Bank

Any companies, businessmen or staff replacing their furniture who wish to donate second-half furniture in good condition can donate it to the Furniture Bank.  Donations are classified and distributed to healthcare institutions, schools and daycare centers in accordance with requests received.  

President of the Bank: Arlene Lubianca

Visit the Furniture Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/42/Banco-de-Mobiliarios/pt/Inicial


Volunteer Bank

The Volunteer Bank consists of businessman, managers, families and employees of the FIERGS System, service clubs, suppliers, sponsoring entities, strategic partners and donors. Its purpose is the maintenance and operation of the Social Bank Project in its different areas, including: prospecting for sponsoring entities, supporters, donors of food, fabric, furniture, computers, construction materials, medication; visiting healthcare institutions, daycare centers, mother’s clubs and schools; fundraising, training and advising institutions, providing professional services (legal, medical, engineering, nutrition, etc.), establishing partnerships and agreements.  It also promotes events, campaigns, fairs, forums and seminars.

President of the Bank: Carmen Maria Pinent Tigre

Visit the Volunteer Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/35/Banco-de-Voluntarios/pt/Inicial


Human Tissue Bank

Businesses and business owners used tax waivers and donated funds to set up a Human Tissue Bank at the Santa Casa de Misericórdia. The bank caters to people with severe burns, free of charge.  

President of the Bank: Hildo Henz

Visit the Human Tissue Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/46/Banco-de-Tecido-Humano/pt/Inicial


Community Projects Bank

Services for Healthcare Institutions


The Bank provides guidance and training for institutions in devising projects and fundraising.  It offers community leader didactic, pedagogic and management courses, teaching them how to manage funds raised, compile accounts statements for managers and donors and help to monitor projects underway.

Services for Companies, Business Owners and Employees

Promotes, advises and provides a framework for the development of social programs and campaigns, assisting in compiling social balance sheets and answering questions on the application of resources.  

President of the Bank: Geraldo Toffanello/Frederico Johannpeter

Visit the Community Projects Bank: http://www.bancossociaisrs.org.br/bancodeprojetoscomunitarios/


Medication Bank

Laboratories and other companies working with the manufacture and sale of medications are petitioned for donations.  The campaign also extends to companies, schools and universities.

Registered institutions and those reporting a need for medication receive donations that are duly assessed and classified by pharmacists.

President of the Bank: Thomaz Nunnenkamp

Visit the Medication Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/41/Banco-de-Medicamentos/pt/Inicial


Waste Bank

The Waste Bank proposes initiatives to solve the environmental problem while generating jobs and promoting social and economic development.  Identifying and suggesting environmental management processes that enable the reduction and recycling of industrial waste generated by companies in Rio Grande do Sul from a social and economic viewpoint.

President of the Bank: Tito Lívio Jaime Goron

Visit the Waste Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/45/Banco-de-Residuos/pt/Inicial


Clothing Bank

Donates fabric, knitwear and scrap fabric to Mother’s Clubs, Elderly Groups, Neighborhood Associations and Community Centers to make blankets, clothes, sheets and coats. These are then donated to the community. The Bank also offers Senai Cutting and Sewing Courses; training skilled manpower and guidance in the creation of small and micro enterprises.

President of the Bank: Lucila Rojas Villela Osório

Visit the Clothing Bank website: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/47/Banco-de-Vestuarios/pt/Inicial


Organ and Transplant Bank

The expectation of this Bank is to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation among as many citizens of Rio Grande do Sul as possible.  The goal is to show that this act of solidarity and citizenship either prolongs life or improves its quality.  

President of the Bank: Valter Duro Garcia

Visit the Organ and Transplant Bank: http://www.bancossociais.org.br/Hotsite/43/Banco-de-Orgaos-e-Transplantes/pt/Inicial